Introducing FlatGUI

FlatGUI is an open-source library created to support the development of non-native looking graphical user interfaces for Qt Widgets-based desktop applications. It servers as an extension to the Qt’s functionality, providing a component development kit (CDK) for the creation of custom widgets, as well as a collection of ready-to-use GUI components. FlatGUI can be downloaded and used free of charge, so you are highly encouraged to give it a try right now.

Get FlatGUI


Do not waste your time reinventing the wheel. The collection of ready-to-use widgets provided by FlatGUI helps you rapidly develop desktop applications with a custom look and feel, which stands out.


Use the programming language you prefer. FlatGUI has a C++ API, which gives the die-hard fans of Qt Widgets the option to build custom looking applications without the need of QML and QtQuick.


Do not get stuck with a particular set of widgets. The widgets included in FlatGUI are fully compatible with the stock widgets, which come with Qt. Feel free to mix and match them in every suitable way.

How does it work?

  1. Add FlatGUI as a dynamic library to your Qt C++ project
  2. Include the header of the class, implementing the component you want to use in your application
  3. Get the code from the example for this component and paste it into your project
  4. Build and run the project to enjoy the beautiful look and feel of your application.