Introducing PlantSim

PlantSim is a Windows 10 desktop application created to support the learning process of PLC programming in STEP 7. It servers as an extension to the Simatic Manager’s functionality, providing a simulated two-dimensional plant model to your development environment. The simulation is based on Box2D, resulting in a realistic-looking model behavior. PlantSim can be downloaded and used free of charge, so you are highly encouraged to give it a try right now.

Get PlantSim


Do not leave anything to the imagination. The ability to imagine is incredible. In the engineering world, though, visuals are preferred to minimize the risk of errors. PlantSim provides you with beautifully drawn models for an engaging learning experience.


Learn anytime, anywhere. In the comfort of your home, in the classroom or on the road, PlantSim lets you have your learning environment at your disposal all the time, so you can learn or improve your skills in PLC programming whenever you feel like doing so.


Do not limit your options. PlantSim is a host platform for models, which allows you to have a virtually unlimited number of control tasks to solve. Just install a new plugin, and its model will become a part of your library.

How does it work?

  1. Simulate your STEP 7 program in S7-PLCSIM
  2. Start PLCSIM-Server. PLCSIM-Server is a free console application provided with PlantSim. It communicates with S7-PLCSIM to access the I/O data, then makes the data available on a TCP/IP network
  3. Connect to PLCSIM-Server from PlantSim. PlantSim now obtains the I/O data, feeds it into the selected plant model, and back to S7-PLCSIM. This way, the functioning of a real device is simulated
  4. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy watching your program in action. Hopefully, it works as you have expected. 🙂 But if not, do not worry. You can fix the program and restart the simulation at any given time.